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Experience the Chimpazees uplcose and personal in the wild

Over 15 families In Kibale Forest National Park

This is truly a magical experience


Up close & Personal

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You will often hear their excited pants and hoops from our lodge, building up the adventure for you to finally come face to face with Man’s closest cousin. We share about 98% of our DNA with chimps and that’s one of their biggest appeal to us. They are so similar to us. They live in communities of about 150 members, consisting of small groups of families coming together and dispersing depending on the availability of food resources.

Chimps are very interesting to track. They have a complex society. Each community has its own culture, transmitting group knowledge from one generation to another, like the way they use different tools and techniques to get food. They live in a highly hierarchical society, with dominant males living a specifically stressful life, constantly squabbling to protect their positions. They also have a complex language and ways to communicate with each other. Apart from their loud pant hoops, screams, grunts, roars, they also drum and stamp loudly on buttress roots. This drumming is said to communicate their positions to other chimps and can be heard over a radius of 1 km. They pout and beg for food, they use facial expressions, grooming, and displaying. These interactions are so captivating and watching them communicate while reinforcing their bonds while going through their normal behavior is quite a memorable adventure that will leave you with fond memories of Africa.